Aims and vision

At Tenbury High Ormiston Academy we wish to enable all pupils to:

  • Feel happy and safe throughout their time at high school.
  • Reach their full potential, and hence maximise their attainment and achievements
  • Develop the resilience and perseverance in order to overcome failure.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life, employment, and a fast changing world.
  • Develop lively and enquiring minds and foster a love for lifelong learning.
  • Develop self-awareness and evaluate performance against commonly agreed and realistically determined goals.
  • Communicate effectively and, in particular, use language, number and ICT to good advantage.
  • Approach issues in a flexible and creative way and develop an independence of thought
  • Work well independently and also with others as part of a team.
  • Formulate a reasoned set of attitudes, personal moral values and beliefs that lead toward respect, tolerance and understanding.

During the summer term 2015/16 the academy revisited its vision and purpose.  Workshops were run where staff, the pupil council and governors worked together to articulate what they felt our school vision should be.  The document below represents the outcome of that process.