Aims and vision

High Achievement Outstanding Care

What are our values?

High Expectations    Family    Ambition    Tradition    Enjoyment    Inclusivity    Respect    Championing all    Honesty    Innovation    Community

What do we want our pupils to be?

Adventurous    Articulate    Proud    Humble    Honest    Hard Working    Ambitions    Respectful    Happy    Optimistic    Risk Takers    Innovators    Confident    Ready to Tackle The World    Resilient    Curious    Creative

What do we want our pupils to do?

Achieve    Work Together    Inspire    Learn through failure    See the big picture    Respect others    Create    Grasp opportunities    Have a sense of humour    Harvest great memories    Show resilience    Prioritise    Reflect    Value lifelong learning    Develop positive work habits    Follow their dreams