Art, Drama, Design & Technology (Resistant Materials), Textiles, Catering and Music

Teaching Staff

Mr P Shepherd– Head of Faulty and Teacher (Resistant Materials)
Mrs S Harrison – Teacher (Catering & Textiles)
Mrs J Nolan – Teacher (Music)
Ms K Kearns – Teacher (Art)
Mr R Morris – Teacher (PE)
Miss E Taylor – Teacher (PE)
Mrs L Aldridge – Teacher (PE)
Miss K Faulkner – Teacher (Drama)
Mrs S Harrison – Teacher (Catering)


Ethos – Art and Design occupies a unique place within the school curriculum. Learning in Art provides ways of perceiving and understanding the world in a wholly visual context. The ability to understand and make sense of what we see is essential in a world that relies increasingly on direct visual communication. We encourage the enjoyment of Art & Design through exploring ideas and responding in a manner that is creative and personal.

Pupils and students engage in stimulating and challenging tasks carried out in a creative and supportive learning environment that fosters independent enquiry. We aim to identify and develop the natural abilities of pupils by creating opportunities for their personal growth through investigating and developing ideas, experimenting with media and techniques, and realising their intentions in work of a practical nature.


Ethos – Catering and food technology raise awareness in pupils of a wide variety of food from different regions, countries and cultures and how the diet we prepare and consume affects our health and wellbeing. Pupils have the opportunity to engage in practical sessions but also to learn theory and skills which prepare them for life or, potentially, a future career in the catering industry. The new National Curriculum places a great emphasis on pupils’ ability to cook healthy and nutritious yet simple dishes.


Ethos – Drama is a busy and exciting department, with a vibrant curriculum. The ethos of the Drama department is to develop the confidence and language skills of all students. In Drama we work as a team and we believe everyone has ability and should have a say in where we are going as a group. We take control of the progress we make by encouraging others and making suggestions about the way forward. By doing this we achieve a better understanding of ourselves and others, and improve our skills in teamwork and creative thinking. We come up with ideas and shape them through our own decisions, setting ourselves goals and achieving them through concentration, cooperation and creativity.


EthosMusic is an essential part of the curriculum at Tenbury High Ormiston Academy and has an invaluable role within the life of the school.   Music has a unique contribution to make to the education and welfare of children.  The National Curriculum describes the importance of music as follows: ‘Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity.  A high-quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.  As pupils progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with discrimination to the best in the musical canon.’  The music department fully supports this statement and has this view as the foundation to all it does.  The music department should be an active place which aims to involve as many who want to in the activities it offers.  Music as a subject, offers a tremendous amount to any child regardless of how ‘musical’ each child is.  It is important to give the children an opportunity to experience music at their own level as well as beyond their own perceived abilities.  The department should aim to provide enjoyment within the subject at every level.  The purpose of music at THOA is to develop the children as musicians, so that they are able to compose, play and understand a wide variety of music from different times and cultures.

Resistant Materials

Ethos – In Resistant materials we feel that all students should experience success whether academic or practical in a safe, positive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Through taking part in a range of projects students enjoy the satisfaction of seeing an idea develop into final made solutions, helping them to become informed users of products, and creative innovators.