Mental Wellbeing at THOA

At THOA we believe that supporting pupils’ mental well-being is every bit as important as looking after your physical health. Our vertical house system means that pastoral staff are responsible for fewer children and do their very best to ensure that we notice every child. We have the services of a school counsellor, school nurse, Early Intervention Support Worker.

We are pleased that in response to the parents’ surveys in 2015/16 97% of parents said that they would recommend THOA to another parent. 96% of parents said their child was happy in school and over 73% strongly agreed with this statement.

In order to support the wellbeing for all at THOA we aim to:

  • be a caring and inclusive school in which all members have a voice which can be listened to
  • prioritise the mental wellbeing of all
  • provide CPD for all in Growth Mindset in order  to develop strategies for growing resilience
  • develop pupil leadership roles in ‘Humanutopia peer mentoring’

To further understand the issue of mental wellbeing the organisation mind has some excellent resources at its website (Mind Website) including the video ‘In Our Own Words’.

Who can I talk to in school?

You can speak to your Learning Mentor, your Director of Learning, Mrs Wall, Mrs Clews, or Mrs Dean. If in doubt look for a member of staff from the THOA Safeguarding Team posters.

If we are worried about your safety we will refer to our Safeguarding Policy to ensure you get the best help you may need. For this reason we may not be able to guarantee confidentiality.

Who can I talk to outside school?

Health and Wellbeing Support These helpline services are available across Worcestershire to provide health and wellbeing advice and support. ChatHealth is a School Health Nurse text messaging service to give young people aged 11-19 advice and support on a range of health issues – 07507 331750. The service is manned from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday, however young people can text at any time and will be responded to when the member of staff is back on duty.

Online help for students and young people

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The SYM Project
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Help for Parents

We are committed to keeping our parents and carers on board after the lengthy lockdown and we are sure many would be grateful of any additional support and ways to chat to other parents if possible.

Here are some useful links from some of our partners and recommended support providers.