Results 2015-16

Congratulations to all our Year 11 leavers who worked incredibly hard to achieve a fabulous set of results. Their superb achievements are well deserved and the young people are right to feel extremely proud of themselves. The academy is delighted that this means that so many of its pupils will now be able to take up their chosen post 16 pathways and go on to succeed still further.

Click here to see our unvalidated results infographic (pdf) – N.B. The data shown in these charts is unvalidated and does not include two pupils.

Validated Results Outcomes

2016 Pupil Outcome HeadlinesAll Pupils
Percentage achieving 5 A*-C GCSEs (or equivalents) including English and maths GCSEs70%
Percentage achieving A*-C in English and maths GCSEs70%
Percentage of pupils achieving the EBacc36%
Percentage of pupils achieving 5+ A*-C grade GCSEs (or equivalent)81%
Percentage of pupils achieving 5+ A*-G grade GCSEs (or equivalent)97%
Percentage of pupils achieving at least one qualification98%
Percentage entered all English Baccalaureate subjects59%

Students smashed previous school records with 76% of students achieving these top grades in maths and 77% achieving them in English. Overall the academy’s results place Tenbury High well above national averages and reflect a continuing trend of excellence. A record 70% of all pupils achieved 5 GCSEs at A*- C including English and Maths, representing a 4% point increase from the previous year. Over one third of all pupils achieved the gold star standard of the EBacc and just under one third of all grades were either A* or A.

The new school performance indicator called Progress 8 is yet to be finalised nationally but we anticipate a score which shows that all pupils on average over achieved by at least one third of a grade in their subjects. Our Attainment 8 score of B- places us top of all schools in Worcestershire.

We are also delighted that our student leaders, who are a credit to the academy, achieved so highly. Head Boy Rory Huntbach achieved three A*s, four As and two B grades and Head Girl Kitty Houchin achieved one A, one B and 6 C grades. Deputy Head Boy Dan Pye achieved six As, three Bs and one C grade and Deputy head Girl Rosie Liddell achieved six A*s and four A grades.

Other individual success stories include:

  • Lauren Franklin who achieved an incredible nine A*s and three A grades (including an A* in Additional Maths)
  • Kit Garbutt who achieved one A*, six As and three B grades
  • Ellie Griffiths who achieved seven A*s and two A grades
  • Sophie Griffiths who achieved two A*s, seven As and one B grade
  • Cate Hollis achieved one A*, four As and four B grades
  • Issy Kite achieved five A*s and four A grades
  • Charlotte Stone achieved five A*s, five As and one B grade

There are also many reasons to celebrate the achievement of students who have overcome adversity to achieve highly. Two of our year 11s suffered tragic family bereavements very close to the exams and went to achieve extremely highly, one achieved two As, six Bs and one C grade and the other pupil achieved two A*s, seven As and one B grade. Given the very difficult circumstances, these results are a credit to those pupils and the support of their families and our staff.