About Catch-Up Premium

An extra £650m funding has been made available to help pupils catch up on teaching missed during the coronavirus. The funding is part of a £1bn “massive catch-up operation” for schools. Of the £1bn, £350m will subsidise a nationwide tutoring programme to help pupils most at need.

Our COVID Catch-up model is based on best practice and evidence of what works and takes account of the work academies are already doing through the EEF ‘tiered approach’.  TEACHING AND LEARNING COMES FIRST – but we need to recognise that pupils need support, some more than others.

For more details of the plan and how we aim to measure impact please see the document below:

Previous Catch-Up Spending and Plans

Catch-Up Premium – Impacts – 2017-18 (pdf)
Catch-Up Premium – Impacts – 2018-19 (pdf)
Catch-Up Premium – Impacts – 2019-20 (pdf)