About Catch-Up Premium

In January 2013, the Government announced that secondary schools would receive an additional funding  for each year 7 pupil who does not meet the expected standard in reading or maths at Key Stage 2. The expected standard is a scaled score below the expected 100 score (80-99) The money is there to help these pupils catch up in their literacy and numeracy as soon as possible.

In order to identify pupils for catch up provision in year 7, we adopt a graduated approach. We take into consideration the following factors: pupil performance against national data; the KS 2 scaled score in reading and maths; is the pupil already on the SEN register from KS2; were they receiving interventions in KS2; does the pupil have traits of moderate learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Here are some examples of how the academy might spend the money and what impact might be expected.

The exact details for each year can be found in the links below.

The Spend

What will the money be spent on?What is the expected impact?
Small group literacy and numeracy intervention lessons twice weeklyIncrease in pupil reading scores

Positive attitude to learning scores in English and Maths

Expected or more than expected progress made in English and Maths at each interim data point

Close the gap in reading age between catch up and non- catch up children

Increase in reading scores, library borrowing, engagement and enjoyment of reading

Purchasing of appropriate books for library – AR categorised
Benchmark testing to measure the impact of intervention
Addition of an extra English and Maths class
Extra English and Maths lessons – one of each per day
Dedicated TAs in English and Maths classes
Accelerated Reading programme – supporting students through a tailored reading plan based on reading ability and need
Specialist reading programme to promote reading for pleasure
Author visits
Peer reading opportunities


Catch-Up Premium – Impacts – 2017-18 (pdf)
Catch-Up Premium – Impacts – 2018-19 (pdf)
Catch-Up Premium – Impacts – 2019-20 (pdf)