Student Voice

Pupil Voice and Leadership at Tenbury High Ormiston Academy 

 Pupil Leadership Team: 

The team is headed by two Head Prefects and two Deputy Head Prefects. These pupils are in year 11 and are voted into post by their peers and staff at the end of year 10. This year, our Head Prefects are: Henry Griffiths, Emma Lawley, Freddie Horsfall and Lily Parkes. 


Welcome from Head Prefect Henry Griffiths: 

Hi, my name is Henry Griffiths, and I am one of the head prefects at Tenbury High. Away from school I am a keen sports person. I have been doing karate for 8 years and now have reached black belt. I also help to coach the younger students and the lower belts. I am also an active member of Hereford athletics club. 

I wanted to get the role as head prefect because my whole life I have struggled with confidence and anxiety. I wanted to prove to everyone and most importantly myself that I was capable of being part of the head prefect team. The most important thing about being a head prefect to me was to show people that you don’t have to be the smartest or the most confident person to be a head prefect. You need to be dedicated and a role model to the younger students. I wanted to show the younger students that even if you’re shy, believe in yourself and you can do a lot more.  

My main focus as head prefect has been mental health. So far, I have produced a stigma board with the help of fellow head prefects. This is to show people who are struggling with mental health that they are not alone and lots of celebrities also go through what they are going through. My long-term plan is to offer more help and support for the younger students. There is already lost of support on offer at Tenbury High but from a pupil’s perspective, the support coming from an older pupil could be more beneficial. This could be a safe calm space at lunch and break where people can go and relax if they are feeling stressed or anxious. From experience with mental health myself, I can understand how some people feel and can therefore help.  

A student having a voice and an opinion I think is one the most important things about school. It allows teachers to hear a pupil’s perspective and for the pupils to get their ideas and thoughts listened to and understood. At Tenbury High there are many opportunities for pupils to have a say and a chance for their voice to be heard. We have multiple school council representatives from every year group, and they all have equal opportunities for their voice to be heard. I think this is really important because it allows the pupils to get their ideas across and being part of school council, enables them with many skills for the future. It also helps them to grow in confidence and speak in front of a group of people. Tenbury High is a small school. This means that, everyone knows everyone, and everyone looks out for each other, no matter what year group. 



The Head Prefects lead a team of year 11 prefects who support and represent the school in various ways.  The role is a privilege and pupils must be outstanding role models to hold the role of prefect at the academy.  


School Council: 

School council meets half termly and consists of the Head Prefect team and one pupil representative from each tutor group across the five years.  Sub-councils agree on small change projects they wish to run across a term/half term and work together towards this goal.  For example, recently, school council raised money and funded a hiring service for sports equipment at social time. (image below) 


OAT National & Regional Student Voice Elections 

In 21/22, Hollie Weaver represented THOA as our regional student voice representative. She was also selected to National School Council Chairperson and served in this role for one year.  For 22/23, the votes have just taken place and we are awaiting the results.  


Eco Council  

Eco Council is a thriving sub committee of the school council and are currently working on securing the green flag award. 


LGBTQ+ group 

The academy are new members of the Allsorts Allyship group and ambassadors are being trained to support this in school.  As part of these improvements, we will be forming an LGBTQ+ pupil support group in the near future. 


Youth Social Action #wewill 

Our current social action project is a collaborative project between year 8 and year 4 in local primaries and is working towards Cyber Safe project. #WeWill be CyberSafe aims to give pupils the knowledge and tools for self-confidence and awareness of cyber safety, overcoming any barriers they may have to cyber knowledge and the ability to keep CyberSafe. They will apply their learning to educate their community about cyber safety through a series of community events on network security, including a focus on scamming. Their engagement in youth social action will enable them to become an “OAT CyberSafe Champion”.