Modern Languages

French and German

Teaching Staff

Mrs D Taylor – Head of EBacc Faculty and Teacher
Mrs H Woodage – Teacher
Mrs S Lodo – Teacher

Weekly Lesson Allocations

  • Key Stage 3 (Years 7/8/9) – 3x 50 minute lessons per week
  • Key Stage 4 (Years 10/11) – 3x 50 minute lessons per week in the option pools

Modern Languages Curriculum Statement

The MFL department enables pupils to develop an appreciation of other cultures and build self-confidence by broadening horizons and intercommunicative skills. Language and communication skills are vital in today’s ever changing global society and our course helps pupils to develop a deeper understanding of the world around us. The impact of which can add value and lead to a significant advantage when applying for courses or jobs in an increasingly competitive market.

Our French and German cross curricular projects give the pupils the opportunity to nurture a range of skills including problem solving; critical thinking and managing challenging target language. We teach pupils how to listen, speak, read and to write in another language and as a consequent develop resilience, a crucial life skill.

We also place great emphasis on cross-curricular links such as literacy. We examine the foreign language and identify similarities and differences with our own language thus enabling students to improve their literacy.

A wide variety of trips and exchange visits to France and Germany offer our pupils the opportunity to broaden their inter- cultural understanding and support language learning, enabling them to implement their language skills in real-life situations.

Curriculum Intent – MFL (pdf)

Key Stage 3:

Key Stage three is assessed using threshold statements.  A child will be given a working at threshold at each data capture:

Threshold Statements – Modern Languages (pdf)

In year 9 pupils are assessed using GCSE grades.

In years 7 & 8 pupils are set homework booklets half termly to develop their scientific enquiry skills. There are a choice of tasks and these are self, peer and teacher assessed. Key Stage 3 Homework booklets can be downloaded from here: THOA Homework Site

In year 9 homework is set using digital based learning platforms such as Memrise, Seneca Learning and Pearson ActiveLearn.  This is complemented with grammar and skills practice tasks.

Key stage 4:

Combined Science

Exam Board: Edexcel
Exam Board Website:
Subjects: French/German

Modern Languages syllabus content:

  • Listening and understanding in French/German
  • Speaking in French/ German
  • Reading and Understanding in French/German
  • Writing in French/German
  • Pupils study a foreign language at GCSE which will broaden their horizons and help to develop an appreciation of other cultures.
  • A Foreign Language will improve pupils’ chances in the European and world wide job market of the 21st
  • No matter what career they choose, employers will look upon them more favourably if they have studied a foreign language.

A foreign language is a requirement of the English Baccalaureate.  Most universities expect pupils to have some knowledge of a modern foreign language.