OAT Enrichment Charter

Our aim is to inspire young people to develop their skills, talents and character through a wide range of activities, to use their curiosity and creativity to find new ways of achieving their potential and to have the confidence, drive and resilience to follow their dreams. We want every OAT student to have the opportunity to:

  • Experience the arts and culture through activities such as: visiting galleries and museums; attending live theatre, dance and classical music performances; participating in school productions; understanding world arts, culture, music, art and dance; appreciating arts and culture in a wide range of media and styles; understanding self expression and individual liberty through the arts.
  • Experience live sporting events through: attending professional events/games; participating in competitive sports; developing their own healthy living approach.
  • Visit British places/regions outside their local community through: trips or visits to other British cities/regions to promote respect and tolerance for other cultures and ethnicities.
  • Experience cultures and countries outside the UK through overseas trips; exchange visits; collaborative links with schools outside the UK to promote respect and tolerance for other cultures and ethnicities.
  • Be a good neighbour in their local community through activities such as: volunteering; fund raising; supporting local organisations/groups.
  • Gain valuable experience of work through activities such as: enterprise clubs; work experience; internships; business links and collaborative projects.
  • Develop their character through activities aimed at: the developing core skills such as leadership; communication and teamwork; encouraging creativity; problem solving and imagination; increasing confidence, motivation and resilience; creating self-starters, e.g. running a club, mentoring younger students, undertaking student leadership roles.
  • Make a positive contribution to society through: understanding British values; developing an understanding of current affairs in the UK and across the world; understanding democratic processes, rights and responsibilities; understanding issues that affect their health and emotional well being.
  • Develop lifelong interests and skills for life for example; reading, photography, cooking; eating in a restaurant; self-expression; financial literacy and budgeting; planning a journey.
  • Learn outside the classroom through activities such as; expeditions; learning survival techniques; scientific investigations/fieldwork; self-sufficiency; developing understanding and appreciation for the environment//nature/countryside.