All clothing should be clearly named

 The uniform for boys and girls is as follows: 

  • Black regulation V-neck jumper, plain knit, with the academy badge and/or black blazer with the academy badge*.  You can buy a jumper with the badge already embroidered from The School Uniform Shop or you can buy a plain back v neck jumper and buy a jumper badge from the Academy Reception Office.
  • Black regulation trousers or skirt. Skirts should be black. As a minimum length, skirts should sit just above the knee.  Avoid tight, stretchy fabric skirts that are prone to upwards movement.
  • White school shirt, long or short sleeve, not open necked, with a top button and with a large enough collar to allow the top button to be fastened and an academy tie* to be worn.
  • Black polished school shoes, not boots, trainers or canvas.  The shoes should be totally black with a black sole and no markings, motifs or insignia.  The upper should be made of polished leather or polished synthetic material. Please note that the shoes should provide adequate protection for such subjects as Technology, Science, etc.
  • Black socks or tights.

Black school Jumpers with sewn on badges can be bought from the School Uniform Shop online

*Ties (clip on) and blazer and jumper badges can only be bought from the academy reception office

 Pupils may wear clear nail varnish, except for practical food lessons.

  • Very light make-up may be worn by pupils in Years 10 and 11 only.
  • Pupils’ hairstyles must be appropriate to a professional/learning environment. No unnatural hair colours are permitted, or extreme styles which adversely affect the ethos of the academy.  The Head of Academy or his/her representative will be the judge of whether or not a hairstyle is deemed to be acceptable.
  • No more than two ear-studs in each ear.  No other visible studs, rings or piercing adornments may be worn. Ear spacers are not allowed.
  • One ring may be worn. No necklaces, sweatbands or bracelets may be worn, other than one charity bracelet.
  • School coats must be suitably weatherproof. We do not allow hoodies or zip hoodies made of jumper material to be worn as coats, outerwear or as PE kit.

Required PE Uniform (Scimitar Schools) (all jewellery must be out – tape is not accepted.  Hair must be tied up)

  • THOA Technical T-Shirt
  • THOA Sports Shorts (Boys)
  • THOA Sports Skort (Girls)
  • THOA ¼ Zip Track Top
  • THOA Team Kit Socks (Black)
  • White trainer socks (liners) – for summer
  • Sports trainers (see example)
  • Football boots
  • Swimming costume/trunks
  • PE bag
  • Shin guards
  • Mouth Guard

We are very excited to have a new PE Kit for Year 7s this year and can be ordered online from Scimitar Schools.  The girls leggings and boys joggers are optional. (pupils higher up the school can also order this when their existing kit is too small).

Optional Items:

  • THOA Leggings/Jogging Bottoms (Optional)